A Man is More Than Two Dimensions

A listing of my jobs, professional experiences, and education is a good start to know someone. Fits that algorithm that shakes out the backgrounds to meet the qualifications of the great job you have for just the right person. But does it really project compatibility, capability, and knowledge? I am more, much more than two pages of job history. I am self-taught and formally educated. I have a family. I have owned dogs and cats (or rather they owned me). I have been called a renaissance man for my varied studies. So here is a bit more about me.

My Story

I am married. Yes, 45+ years now. Ooooh, that makes me soooo old doesn’t it. Well at least to someone barely hitting 20 years. For me it is no time at all. We have two great sons and both are self-employed and making a go of it. There are two cats that live with us. You don’t really own cats. I am looking for a dog that can survive cats. I have been working since 9 years old. Delivered a weekly paper route. (Newspapers were what you used to get the latest news before the Internet.) Been working ever since and like most, loved a couple of jobs, liked a few more and hated a couple.

My father and grandfather were entrepreneurs. The legacy carried through to me and my sons. Most of my jobs were in my own companies, although I have had more than a couple of conventional employment opportunities. This background has allowed me to go where many never do. When the City of Palm Coast was formed in 1999 they needed someone to make it work. The regular pencil pushers couldn’t adapt to the constantly changing environment. They needed rules. They didn’t know how to make them. They hired me. My entrepreneurial skills were what they needed. Can you imagine creating a city from scratch! I got the opportunity and I did it! Now it is a thriving city of 100,000 people.

I have never been limited to one subject. I find interest in many things. I ran a transportation and cab company for nine years. I had to learn how to fix cars. I jumped into computers in the early 1970s and continued through the development of the Internet. I have created web pages, online databases, and web blogs. I currently work creating personal health care record systems. I had to learn some HTML, Java script, SQL and a few other languages. FUN.

What Makes Me Me. What is Different Than Others?

Well, yes. I have been told I look like Santa Claus, especially when I wear the Santa hat and have the beard. But I am also much more. I am an author of short stories and novels. I have started 5 companies and made a home life.


This is the persona on most of my books and short stories. Debonair don’t your think?

I do write and often. I have 6 novels to my credit and numerous short stories, web content, and news articles. If I could make a living at it, writing would be what I do. Visit some of them at my website www.courtneypress.com


Businessmen and woman often see me like this. I work most at my home office and occasionally consult outside. Seems to give an air of sage comfort. Good for ensuring shared ideas are accepted.


What my family and friends see. An occasional Santa with a loving heart. Family is important. So are friends. I like people. They often disappoint, but they often inspire.

Achievements and Awards.

Actually I do have some. Quite a few, if I do say so myself. But very few in business which might be an issue for most. Of course in my defense I am an entrepreneur. We don’t have a tendency to associate with established organizations or associations that hand out annual prizes or awards. We create these organizations. Also many, many of my awards are local awards from local organizations. I find that they tend to not inspire outside the community I am reside. For instance my award from the Red Cross for accomplishments in teaching First Aid and attaining a Master’s rank in First Aid. Cool, but not too relevant to business. Besides it is now more than a few years old. The same applies to my multiple recognition’s for my political work. Nice but not relevant. For those of you that would like a little more background on notable achievements here is one (or two).

State of Florida Governor’s Award for Innovation in Information Technology. This one was rather unexpected. I didn’t vie for it, one of my funding sources did. It was a statewide competition and we won in the small business category for our development of portable personal health records. Got to go to the capitol and Governor’s Mansion. Ate at the table with the Governor and all the other actual creators. Very cool. Very heady.

Key Administrator and Founding Member in the establishment of the City of Palm Coast, Florida: I mention this event in a couple of places here. It was rather astounding and not something everyone does. I was hand picked to help create a new city from scratch. My plans were fundamental to the successful establishment and transition from a county government to a city government. The city, with the aid of my efforts, grew from a small city of 24,000 to a city of over 100,000 in 10 years. The second largest city in Northeast Florida

Lifetime member of Delta Mu Delta; International Honor Society in Business: Lamba Sigma Chapter member. Due to my high grade point average in my doctoral year and my business background I was invited and accepted to this organization. Nice pat on the back and a good place to network with accomplished business people.

Whats Next? Why Work…..

I like to work. I NEED to work. Hey, I got costs like every one else. What I would like to do is share the information and knowledge I have accumulated over the years. I like teaching and tutoring. I have been teaching adults computers since 2006. I have been tutoring online for a couple of years. Consulting isn’t out of the realm as well. What ya got? Lets talk.