I may not have answered all of your questions in the recitations. So I’ll try to cover some more information here.

When can you begin work?

Depends, actually. If the work is remote, meaning I can log in from the web, usually right away. If you want me to go to your offices I can probably get there in a day or less if you are close. If you are a ways away. It depends on transportation. I do have contracts and obligations to fulfill, so dedication to your needs is contingent on meeting those requirements. However, in a crisis most of what I do can be adjusted to better time frames. Therefore, I can usually begin when you need me.

How well versed are you in computer programming, security?

I am not a programmer. I do program though on a limited basis. I am not certified in computer security. Although I do know security programs and needs. My degree, although in Information Systems Technologies, is not a certification in computer programming, security or computer development. These are all distinct and unique parts of Information Technology. Few, if anyone, is capable of being an expert in all of them. What my degree does cover is Management of these diverse sectors for the benefit of a business. Getting these sections to work together, heck even getting them to speak together is often a challenge. What I do is provide the bridge and coordinate the results. I work for the business, not the IT departments.

Do you have experience teaching adults and teaching them online?

Yes. And No. I have never held a formal position as an instructor or adjunct or professor. But I have taught information technology and business online for years. All of the teaching has been with adults. Much of the instructing has been in brick and mortar classrooms. Once I taught in a refurbished bus. Teaching and instructing adults isn’t my worry. Getting a chance to teach in a university/college environment, that is what I would like to try. I have been speaking publicly, grading papers, making my thoughts known in business, politics and the classroom for years. I like it. Would like to try to formalize it.