Here’s where we usually list all the types of jobs I would like utilizing the skills and knowledge that I have. It is often in a bullet point presentation with appropriate buzzwords and business language to impress the usually unimpressed. Let’s face it. Most of you have seen it all before, especially if you are in Human Resources or Administration. Heck you have offered the same information when you put in your resume. To be frank though, I don’t have a five year plan. I don’t know where I see myself in ten years. Heck I am on the other end of the job time line. I should be looking at retirement. Still I would like to work. I don’t intend to work for the rest of my life, but I don’t intend to quit now. I suggest you use me, my knowledge, and my skills while they are available. Use them, before you lose the institutional knowledge I have accumulated. That said, here is what I would like to do.


I don’t need to begin a career in public education. However, instructing online classes for a University or College would be nice. I would like to provide students with my background in starting companies, organizing administrations, working with employees, unions, and contractors. I have current information, as well as historical, on those subjects as I work with them on a daily basis in my own company. I can teach contract design, business plans, and financial planning. I can also instruct on international business issues. Something I have had to do myself.


Well, if I can’t teach I wouldn’t mind consulting. Many companies, businesses or institutions just need a little help to get over a small hill. Finances aren’t up to shape. Inventory needs adjusted. A suggestion is needed on how to secure a contract or write one. Sometimes the needed help is much greater, but you don’t want to hire a permanent employee. This would be an excellent use of my skills.


So what is the difference between goals and objective? Well for me a goal is what you would like to end up doing. The final score. Sort of like a sports game. The goal is a final score that gives you the victory. So, like I said above the goals for me would be to teach at university/college level or to consult.

However objectives are something a bit different. An objective is to gain a position using your skill set. My skills are in public speaking, contracts, vendor negotiations, management (definitely) and organization. Just to name a few. While I might not be able to gain a position meeting my goals, I might gain a position using my skill sets. I don’t know all the types of jobs available. More are being created everyday. So you may have a job that meets my skills that I am unaware. Your job doesn’t meet my goals, but it does need my skills. Sort of like an orchestra. The goal is to give a great performance. I cannot provide a great performance to meet your goal, but I can play a triangle (with a lot of practice!). You hire my skill, playing a triangle. You have met my objective and I have contributed to your goal. We both win and I get a new unexpected position!

Here are my objectives:

To use my skills in management: I have extensive skills in management. Lordy. I have over 11 years just studying management and over 45 years practicing it. I can organize a company, set up finances, create books, do bookkeeping, engage and inspire employees and just about anything to do with management. I would like a position that uses these well honed skills.

To use my skills in computers: I am not a coder. Nor am I an information technology design engineer. But I know how web site design goes. I know the need for security. I know how to manage remote site assets over multiple countries and time frames. I know there are more computer languages than two and not anyone knows them all. I am not a techie, but I know how to manage technicians to get the best out of them. Or at worst I know how to put together a small web page that needs an occasional boost.

To use my writing skills: I write books, stories and web content. I like to write. But do not confuse writing with grammar or editing. I do not edit. I write. I will write about your company. I will write press releases. I will write contracts or short stories for your use and pleasure. I have even written employee manuals (talk about boring, but I have done it). I would like to find a job that allows me to write.