Educational Experiences – Current

I have been working at for over a year. is a tutoring site for those students seeking Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees at various Universities and Colleges. Some of the unique characteristics is we may have students from various points in the United States or even other countries. We never know where they are from and can only assist as they seek help. The levels of education and understanding are very diverse so relating to each to offer assistance can be challenging. Everything is done in an online classroom equipped with a whiteboard, file sharing, editing tools and audio if necessary. I am certified to teach Business Management and Windows 10 for

St. Johns River Community College – Former

St. Johns River Community College doesn’t exist now. It has evolved into a state university under recent legislative changes. While there I taught evening classes in beginning computers, web design and the Internet. It was where I honed my skills in course design as I was responsible for content as well as teaching.

Flagler County Schools Adult Education- Former

I was working on many websites in my new business and developing Excel, Access and Word designs and programs. With a lack of instructors capable of teaching adult students the school administration reached out and asked me to design some courses. I did and began teaching adults on a regular basis for over three years. The courses were always full and we had to turn away many students. But after a few years my own workload took off and I had to leave the position. – Current is much like I was encouraged to sign up after I had done a review of their system. I signed up for business, government, management, and professional development. It is interesting work, but slow. Like Tutorme has an online classroom with whiteboard, editing, downloads, and sharing. But it also has video as well as audio. I keep both Tutor and Tutorme so I can ensure proper use of my time.

Entrepreneurial/Work Experiences

ExecData, Inc. – Current

This is one of mine. I created and built this company to group together all of the various projects, contracts, and research I am doing. Much needs to be under the corporate umbrella for liability and earnings requirements. But it is still all mine. The primary function of ExecData, Inc. is research and development. I have been working on independent personalized health electronic health record systems. The work is very interesting involving online and offline databases, apps for computers and phones, and all the various requirements of current healthcare law.

Working in ExecData has required me to understand and work with individuals and governments across the world including Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. I have had to learn how to create prototypes in multi languages and work to sell in foreign countries. Quite a bit interesting.

But ExecData isn’t all research and development. I use it for website design and hosting as well as blogs, contract creation and even bookkeeping. I keep myself busy. One of the more intensive byproducts of ExecData is creating business and investment plans not only for ExecData but others.

Patient Practitioners, LLC – Former

Patient Practitioners, LLC was started with a friend in the health care business. She had an idea for a new health care records system and wanted me to create it. We formed a partnership and worked together creating the product and investments. Between the two of us we garnered over $500,000 in investment capital including a $100,000 grant from the government. My design captured the attention of the government and was awarded a state prize for Innovation in Small Business.

During this time I created numerous innovations in database usage, healthcare procedure identification, and barcoding. Unfortunately, after working with the Veteran’s Administration and overseas investors the funds ran out and we had to close the company. It was quite an adventure as during these innovations electronic record storage went from CD’s to USB’s to cloud. A learning experience for sure.

Marineland Theme Park – Former

Marineland of Florida, the original theme park, is located in Flagler County, Florida. Yes, we are talking about the one with dolphins and an underwater movie studio. The park had entered into a poor bond issuance and was losing money. They asked me to come in and find where the money was going and straighten out their finances.

I went in and created a bookkeeping system that tracked the funds and inventory. My work was so thorough the State of Florida sent auditors to my offices to go over the books and investigate for possible financial crimes. I was able to track the losses and find the errors in the bond. It led to a successful sale of the theme park to another owner. The park is still there today operating as a marine research facility and entertainment center.

Government/Consulting Experiences

Clerk City of Palm Coast – Former

I mean who ever gets to start a City! This guy! The citizens of Flagler County in 1999 decided to create a city and call it Palm Coast. The city came into being December 31st, 1999. There were no tables, chairs, pencils, offices or electronics. Our City Council was meeting in a County Civic Center. I was approached by the Interim City Manger to be the first City employee and City Clerk.

It was my job to create a budget, set up the statutory code system, create accounts at the IRS, oversee volunteer committees and voluminous other things. I was even tasked with authoring and writing up the transition plans from the county to the city. I and the Interim City Manger got it up and running in 6 months including advertising and seeking a new city manager, creating a City Hall, setting up a fire department, and public works department. When I left I had set up an accounting system that produced no errors or findings in the annual audit. That system was in place for a number of years after I left.

Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Ball Club – Former

This is one of, and my latest, community organizing efforts. The local school board and administration wanted to shut down a community wellness center they owned. They wanted to turn it into a student only facility. The club had been there for forty years and only by good fortune did the school board currently own it. The citizens wanted it to remain.

I joined a small group of individuals that looked into the issue, eventually becoming the leader. Our small group grew into over 300 members that raised funds, petitioned the school board and activated media in our favor. After 7 months the school board reversed its policy and offered us a partnership to run the facility. It now is one of the largest wellness clubs in the city.

City Clerk Town of Beverly Beach – Former

The Town of Beverly Beach was a very small town on the east coast of Florida. I was contacted by the one of the Town Commissioners to save their financial system and put them in state compliance. It seems since their inception as a town they had the same Town Clerk and he supposedly took care of all the Town filings, finances, books, and codes. Then he died.

His wife decided to clean out his closets. She threw away a lot of Town records and dumped the rest in a couple of boxes. She gave those to the Town Commissioners. Turned out the former clerk had no backup for records, the financial consisted of only a few checkbooks, and there was no statute coding system at all. The Town Hall was a walk in closet in a community center.

I was given a plastic box with all the records they had and asked to create their records and financial systems. I responded by creating a statute coding system, computerized financial records, a complete filing system. I even worked to create a Town Hall in a stand alone building. It is in use to this day. Quite an experience.